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~In the Works~


Another love of mine is writing PICTURE BOOKS. Here are just a few manuscripts that are written and ready for review. . .


1. How Stella Got Her Shoes On! Why be happy with typical horseshoes when you could have hot pink leopard, strappy, chunky, sequin ones? How SUPAFINE! Stella is a down home country horse with a bright light city flare for shoes! Why be ordinary? When you could be Extraordinary!


            A story about living life to the fullest no matter what anyone thinks!


2. My Lu, Lu, Lu After driving his mother crazy begging and pleading for a pet, Phil’s mom finally gets even by getting him one.


            A story about how love just doesn’t leave you alone!


3. The Magic Bean Deal If he could just prove to his sister that his bean is magic, then the deal would be golden!


            A story about the faith in magic and the power in love!


4. Santa’s Prayer With Christmas Eve counting down, everything that could possibly go wrong, is going wrong. With time running out, Santa better think of something or Christmas will be ruined.


            A story about the Power of Prayer!


5. Buttered Toast and Spam If he could eat and use Buttered Toast and Spam every single minute of the day -he would!


            A simple story about how a favorite meal can truly make you happy!



Nicole Rocheleau




~Some Sample SHORT STORIES to wet the appetite~



The Homework Assignment

Copyright Nicole Rocheleau



            “Alright class, listen up, your homework assignment for today is to write a one paragraph paper about ‘you’, then tomorrow I will call you up one at a time to read your paper in front of the class.”

            Ruth sat in her seat thinking about what she was going to write in her paragraph all the way up until the bell rang. As soon as the class was dismissed, Ruth ran home, went directly to her room, and immediately got to work. When she was totally happy with what she wrote, she put her paper into her favorite purple folder, put the folder into her bright pink book-bag, and then went downstairs to play with her brother.

            The next day, Ruth was called up to the front of the class. She walked up to the front, stood straight up, took a HUGE breath in and then started . . .


Reader, take a BIG BREATHE IN, HOLD IT, and . . . GO!


“My name is Ruth.

I lost my tooth.

My aunt works at THE MOVIE BOOTH.


My dog is black.

Our cat is gold.

And I am almost eight years old.


My sister’s twelve.

My brother’s two.                     

My folks are old.                                                           

My house is blue.                                                         


I’m always good.

I’m very smart.

My favorite things are purple hearts.


I like to dance.

I love to sing.

My mommy has a diamond ring.


My brother has a soccer ball.

My daddy has no hair at all.


I also have a goldfish Seth.

And I told you all this,

in only one breath.


Whew!” (Reader, you made it! Now breathe!)


Ruth smiled, bowed, and returned to her seat.


Nicole Rocheleau





Copyright Nicole Rocheleau


“Mom!! Can I go across the street? I want to go across the street and play with the big kids! Please!!! I can do it all by myself! It’s just over there! I can see it! It’s just right there! See? Right over there across the street! Can I go? Please?!!!!!!!!!”


“Did you just say no?”







“Yes, I just said NO.”


“Yes, no. You cannot go across the street by yourself?”



“I want to go

from here to there.

My mom said NO.

She’s so unfair!


My sister went.

My brother too.

But Mom said 'no'.

What can I do?


If I can’t go,

I’m gonna to cry!

Don’t just say 'no',

please tell me why.


Please let me go.

I cannot stay.

There’s nothing else

to do today!


I want to go!

You’re so unfair!

I need to go!

Why do you care?


All you have

to do is say,

'okay my dear',

then walk away.


I will be careful,

this I know,

if you say 'yes',

and let me go.


Oh, come on mom,

it’s just right there!

Please let me go.

You’re so UNFAIR!


I know you want to

hold my hand,

and walk with me,

I understand.


But let me go,

and let me be,

you do not have to

walk with me.


I know that I

can do it now,

all by myself,

I’ll show you how.





Well, I can wait

a little while.

Why let me go?

I’m still a child.


But so you know,

just if you care,

to me your no

was still unfair.”


“I’m sorry you feel that way, but I love you.”

“I love you too, Mom. I think I’ll go play in the yard.”

“Good choice.”

“Yeah, okay.”


Nicole Rocheleau





Copyright Nicole Rocheleau


My brother has the coolest car

that I have ever seen.

It’s every shade of blue there is,

and several shades of green.


The left back window’s rusted shut,

there’s problems with the door,

and there’s no reason for the locks,

they don’t work anymore.


The dome light only comes on

when you’re bouncing on the seat,

and instead of cold when it is hot,

you’re blasted with the heat.


The high beams shine their brightest

when you’re pushing on the horn.

And my favorite part about his car,

it smells like fresh popcorn.


When you’re sitting in the back seat

you can see right through the floor,

‘cause there is a giant hole now

where the floor had been before.


The air conditioning does not work,

the clock does not tell time,

but unlike all that does not work now,

the breaks stop on a dime.


She’s never left us stranded,

even when she was on E.

She’ll even start in freezing cold,

with or without the key.


We’ve had this car for my whole life,

my brother’s and my dad’s.

She used to be our grandpa’s,

she’s the best he ever had!


Someday I’m going to drive her

and she will belong to me.

But for now she is my brother’s car,

our family Ja- lop-ee!


Nicole Rocheleau